Jul 14 2011

MW3 has COD 4 Mentality, Clamps Down on Campers

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Infinity Ward gives more details on Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

Infinity Ward has given more details on Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer, how it’s discouraging campers and creating a more ‘COD 4’ mentality for its latest FPS outing.

The studio is crafting multiplayer maps that have no more than five hotspots where campers are likely to hang out and wait for their prey, the studio says.

“It simplifies it so that the less skilled player has less to think about,” creative strategist at Infinity Ward Robert Bowling, told Kotaku.

“What happens when you have more is that the professional guys are using that spot that is either difficult to get to… There’s fewer places to hide, which discourages the camper mentality that seemed to emerge in the map design of Modern Warfare 2.”

Modern Warfare 3 is also edging closer to the original Modern Warfare than its direct predecessor in terms of general feel and philosophy.

“Modern Warfare style is, for me, all about the high-speed, fast-paced-and I’m talking in terms of smooth controls and 60-frames-per-second framerate-infantry-focused combat,” Bowling continued. “Tt’s all focused on that gun-on-gun gameplay, especially in Modern Warfare 3.

“I feel like it’s something we nailed with Call of Duty 4. We moved away from it a little bit with MW2, relying heavily on air support, killstreaks, perks and stuff like that. Modern Warfare 3, very much [is] building up from that Call of Duty 4 mentality of gun-on-gun, fast-paced infantry gameplay.”

Bowling told CVG about the crack team of QA testers Infinity Ward has flown in specially to put the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer through its paces. Have a read if you haven’t already.

Source: CVG

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