Feb 27 2012

More Details On Medal of Honor: Warfighter

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Co-op, Tier 1 Operators and Frostbite 2.0…

Following its official announcement last week, the first proper Medal of Honor: Warfighter details have arrived via OXM US.

Yet again developed by EA’s Danger Close, Warfighter continues its focus on the real-life elite soliders, the Tier 1 Operators.

Powered by Battlefield 3’s Frostbite 2.0, rather than the dual-engine setup of the last game, Warfighter’s visual upgrade allows for intricate details such as swaying chandeliers, splinters fraying from support beams and gunfire that sends papers flying from desks, says OXM.

Warfighter’s story again loosely follows actual events and soldiers, and is co-written by real operators during mission downtime, but Danger Close says it’s going for “authenticity” rather than “simulation” (your health will still recharge).

Preacher, Voodoo, Mother and other major players from the last game return, and they’ll be visiting locations such as a flooded Isabela City in the Philippines.

This time around it sounds like there will be slightly more player choice offered during missions, with one example described by OXM having players choose how to breach a building (kick down the door, C4, flashbang etc).

Multiplayer is being developed in-house at Danger Close, rather than by DICE, and Tier 1 Operator forces will be represented, including the SAS (British), SASR (Australian), KSK (German), and Grom (Polish).

Fans should also expect a one-shot-kill “hardcore” mode and some kind of co-op support (although a full campaign seems unlikey, says OXM).

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Feb 23 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Coming in October

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Using Battlefield 3’s engine, EA has officially revealed Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

The follow-up to 2010’s Medal of Honor was previously confirmed as being in development, and a logo was teased in Battlefield 3’s instruction booklets. Now, the first details have been confirmed.

Game Informer reports that Warfighter will be developed by Danger Close, the same studio behind Medal of Honor from 2010. The game will follow the story of Tier 1 Operators and will run on Frostbite 2, the same engine as Battlefield 3.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to be released in October 2012. More details are set to be revealed at the Game Developer’s Conference early next month.

Source: IGN