May 01 2011

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NightCrawler @ 8:17 PM

Every website concerning gaming seems to have some sort of bulletin board or forums, and PC Game News is no exception.  However since the News Page is a completely different PHP site, the talk-back forums have to be separate from the main website.  We here at PCGN apologize for this event and wish there was a way to integrate the forums into the webpage, but this cannot happen.  This will also cause a dual registration IF you wish to post comments on the individual news stories.  IF not, there is absolutely no reason to register with this Front Page, due to you can see everything now.  Nothing is held back, from Guests.

Please Read the Forum Rules & Policies Before Posting, because there are limitations to what can and cannot be written within.

Here is the Link for Our PCGN Talk-Back Forums:

(**To Be Updated**)

Please Enjoy Your Stay Here, and Thank You for Viewing PC Game News!


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