May 01 2011

Who Are The XM?

NightCrawler @ 8:15 PM

The Xtreme Mercenaries, or XM for short, are a community of gaming friends who enjoys playing not only first-person shooter games but also plays other types of games as well. So as you might be able to see we are a little more diverse community than your normal 1 game/1 group culture. Is that good? Well many of us here think so, because you are not restricted to just one game, we play many and have fun at it too boot. And that is what PC Online Gaming is supposed to be, to have something called Fun & Enjoyment.

The XM likes to give everybody an opportunity to play any game in a friendly and rewarding environment. We like to call ourselves a “no pressure team”, because that means you are never forced to be online with us each and every night, only at your own convenience. You join in on the fun whenever you want to or whenever it meets your gaming schedule. Just play, visit Ventrilo, at your leisure and there are absolutely no formal meetings unless one is called by the Founders for very important matters. However, we request, and this is only a request, that you make yourself known, either it be on the forums or on Ventrilo, at least once a week so we will know you are alive and well. We like to consider ourselves a community of FRIENDS first, and gamers second.

With that said we hope that you find the XM a place where you can feel comfortable, be welcome and throughout the time here meet new people and have something called Fun! Our primary goal here at the Xtreme Mercs is to have Fun Together in an environment that is purely stress free. We know you have daily routines like work or school, which may garner you stress, but hopefully here we can help you out with just the thought of having some Fun in your life.

Again, Welcome to the Xtreme Mercs PC Game News Website and we are Glad You Found Us!

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